🎥 How Nicole turned her passion into profit

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This is one of my favourite case studies because it shows the true potential of what you can do even if all you’re starting with is a spark of an idea…

Nicole started learning about online marketing when she was a TOTAL newbie to business and the online world.

She was a talented and passionate full-time graphic designer but was wanting to create a business that wasn’t all about her having to trade her time for money.

Because she was so new to business, Nicole decided to start with affiliate marketing, which is the business model that first got her out of the “rat race”.

Now that in itself is cool. But nowhere near as cool as what she went on to do next with the online business skills she gained here.

“A few years ago if you had told me that I’d have made my own book that has sold TEN THOUSAND copies, I would have thought it was possible, but here we are!”

As you’ll soon see in this video… Being able to have your FIRST PRODUCT “sell out” is all very possible when you have the right skills and support!

I really think you’ll enjoy this one :slight_smile:

Jan Olof Nilsson