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This is Jeremy Troxel, the managing partner of Troxel Law. Hope you’ve been doing well these past few weeks.

I hope we’re not being annoying, there’s just several deadlines in cases like these that we have to meet in order to protect your potential case.

The most important deadline we have is called a Statute of Limitation. These are laws set by states that prevent a person hurt by a product to successfully file a case if too much time has passed.

Each state has different laws and we often must argue with defendants about whether a case was filed in time. Companies who make bad products will do anything they can to get an otherwise legitimate case tossed out.

It can be heart breaking when this happens so we do everything we can to make sure our clients’ cases are filed on time.

At this time, without knowing knowing the hospital where your child was born or any other healthcare facility that treated your child because of injuries caused by NEC, we can’t start your case and preserve your rights.

If you have time, please take five minutes to complete your questionnaire. Our system pulls the addresses and contact information of any doctor or hospital name you enter so that you don’t have to look that up.

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