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The aim of the game is simple: on your imaginary cards, you have everything you DON’T need to do or have as an affiliate marketer…

If you tick off ALL of them with your imaginary dabber thing, you’ll win a prize!


#1 ANY front-facing selling - CHECK
#2 ANY complicated tech - CHECK
#3: ANY funnel building - CHECK
#4: ANY product creation - CHECK
#5: ANY long hours - CHECK
#6: ANY expensive running costs - CHECK

What’s that I hear? BINGO. BINGO. BINGO.

(Funny that…it’s almost like the whole game was rigged to prove a point :wink: )

Now here’s your PRIZE:

A chance to work with ME personally to build you your very own $1K-$5k per day affiliate marketing Biz FOR YOU…

Phwoarr, you lucky, lucky person!!

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